East Dubuque School Referendum Voted Down By Citizens

  • The March 17th referendum concerning a $10,500,000 bond to add two additions to the exhisting Junior High/High School was voted down by East Dubuque citizens.  The vote was extended to four voting precincts which all except one, turned the referendum down. 


    Dunleith I (Montgomery Hill, Hiawatha Drive, West 1/2 of Mount Vernon, Indian Hills):  Yes = 243      No = 228

    Dunleith II (The Flats, Fruit Hill, Parklane Drive):     Yes = 125       No = 172

    Dunleith III (Presidential Acres, Pioneer Acres, Twin Ridges, East 1/2 of Mount Vernon):    Yes = 174     No = 265 

    Menominee:  Yes = 85    No =  123  

    TOTAL:  Yes = 627   No = 788


    This is by no means the end of East Dubuque Schools, particularly the Elementary School, which requires a significant amount of code updating.  Since the referendum did not pass, the district will need to spend several million dollars in complying with mandates issued by the State of Illinois, allowing the school to continue operation as an up-to-code building.  These mandates must be completed in the next few years or the school will be subject to heavy fines and forced closure.  There is no available funding to renovate the buildings to 21st century education needs, but rather only enough funding for required updates of electrical, security, and safety issues.

    The District would like to express its appreciation to all East Dubuque Voters who participated in the referendum, letting their voices be heard concerning what do to with our community's school buildings.